Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Global and tidy exception handling for ScriptService

Faced with a handful of ScriptService for the site I am working on, I would like to implement some common exception handling across all the methods. Not to change the behaviour on the client, but rather to capture the exceptions and post the to an exception log or an email or something...

So there are solutions to this for traditional WebServices. See the SoapExtension mechanism documentation provided by Microsoft Handling and Throwing Exceptions in XML Web Services and SOAP Message Modification Using SOAP Extensions. But as we all know the ScriptService mechanism doesn't use the SOAP message stack.

Which brings us to the point Ayende makes ASP.Net Ajax, Error Handling and WTF. I'm not sure whether this is entirely correct that there are no hooks to provide custom handling in the ScriptService lifecycle.

Maybe I'll get a chance to investigate myself one day, but for the moment there just isn't time....

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